LDUSAHOME Vintage Edison Bulbs 60W Antique Classic Style

These are beautiful if you have an open light fixture where a unique bulb adds to the decor’.  I picture the modern type hanging tube lamp, or half circle globe. Pairing this antique look with it will give a gorgeous contrast in time.  They give off a soft, yellow glow. Comfortable and perfect for mood lighting.  I’ve taken pictures of all of the filaments with the light off, you can see how much detail has been put into these.  The result is so cool, with every fiber glowing.  I have exposed bulbs over the mirror in my bath and they look awesome there.

One thing to note, these do put off a lot of heat. In my small bathroom, they aren’t the best to have going in the summer, doing battle with my a/c in tandem with all of my heating hair appliances. It gets pretty toasty in there.  Other than that, the quality and appearance are excellent

8 out of 10 thumbs up.

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