XIAO MO GU Halloween Costume Party Latex Animal Horse Head Mask

This is just fun.  It’s huge, the first thing you notice. It fit easily on my head, the opening is wide enough for all sizes. However, due to that, it can fit loose on some. Especially children, this is a mask for adult sizes. The nose of this mask goes out a *LONG* ways, the nasal holes come cut out, and that is what I was looking through. It made for a really distorted view. I then read about it, and it states that it made the holes minimal for visual effects, so you do need to determine where you want your eye holes to be and manually create them.

It is a heavy, thicker, excellent quality latex. It does comes with a strong odor, but that is the latex, and I’ve noticed that at even party stores that are local.  I’ve had this for about 2 weeks now and the odor has nearly disappeared.

The mane on this is not long, but it is decent thickness. I’m not really impressed with that part of it. The detail and quality of the rest of the mask just doesn’t equal up to the short mane. It does feel like real hair.

Overall, though, this is a great mask. Perfect for one of those 2 person acts with a horse’s head and behind. And while it does not come with eye holes, that is really a benefit so that you can cut them where they work best for you

I give this 8 out of 10 thumbs up

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