CASOFU Tri-Spinner Fidget Spinner Toy

I’m a huge proponent of fidget spinners. They are definitely a lot of fun, they work better than anything else I have tried to keep my hands busy, alleviate nervous energy and help me focus. I love the soft white noise that they emit.  I can tell a good fidget within the first few spins. They balance themselves well, they have very little, or preferably no, jiggle, and they have a consistent, constant woooossss sound. They spin well on your hand, on your finger, and very importantly, on a flat surface. This tells you that they are raised well, balanced well, and spin free.

Unfortunately, this one just doesn’t stand up to some others I’ve reviewed here.  Now, what you have to look at, though, is the amazing price.  The fidgets I’ve used that have all of the above features run anywhere from $10-25 and up. This one is $2. I wouldn’t expect it to have all of these features. Or it would cost the same. I opened up the center, see pictures, and the bearings look fine. They are spaced and balanced well. When I spin this, I can feel the torque as I move it around. It has a white noise to it, but it also has a chirp. It spins a couple of minutes. So, my recommendation to you is, if you have a young child that is begging for a fidget, this is the perfect one to start with. It isn’t a bad fidget, it is a $2 fidget.

Due to the price vs quality, I’m still giving it 7 out of 10 thumbs up.

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