Konnor Strong Lumbar Support Waist Cushion

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I actually purchased this for my vehicle. I spend a fair amount of time in it, and it isn’t very far into a trip, barely an hour, that I start feeling the strain in my lower back. To the point that a large area of my back actually starts tingling and goes numb. I thought some support would help. So this weekend I planned a 3 hour drive down to see my brother, and this came on the day I left. It attached very easily, the straps were long enough to even go around my front seat. I was able to perfectly position it so it form fit to my lower back. It’s a very firm support. Not a memory foam type cushion. This does not give much, which must have been exactly what I needed because I didn’t have to stop and walk around every hour on this trip. It was so pleasant, I brought it into their house and I’m using it while sitting in their rocking chair while I type this up.  So I’ve had no lower back pain, but between my shoulder blades is pretty painful. I guess you just can’t fight age.

The cover on this is a soft velvet. It has a well hidden zipper that goes around about half of it, so it can be washed. I’m not sure if washing it is going to effect it’s size in any way, hopefully it is pre-shrunk.  I was able to get a picture of the inside foam also.

Pretty comfortable and definitely solved my lower back issues. I’m going to have to get one for work now.

10 out of 10 thumbs up.

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