BERTA Professional 1875W Negative Ions Hair Blow Dryer

I’ve not used a hair dryer quite like this before. I have very touchy, delicate hair, that gets damaged if I just think about using heat products on it. Always looking for anything that is better on my hair. What I found with this dryer is that the heat is *immense*, it heats up so fast and is much hotter, on the highest setting, than anything I’ve used. So, I can use it on the low setting and high pressure and it dries just as quickly if not faster, than my previous products. The heating device is right at the end of the tunnel, so the air is heated just as it comes out, and the rest of the dryer doesn’t heat up. The handle is the most comfortable you can imagine. It’s completely ergonomic, with a rubber/silicone type covering, the controls are very accessible, but because of the way they are designed (it takes a little pressure to change them) I don’t accidentally hit them. The cool shot is right where I have my pointer finger, easy to quickly use. I’ve never used that before, but it quickly sets my style. I’ve also never used the attachment type that comes with this, but I found that I can wrap my hair around a round brush and focus the air on that, and it sets the curl, so I don’t have to use additional appliances, better for my hair. It’s so lightweight, and the cord is exceptionally long. The filter on the back is dual, so it does a good job trapping lint and dust and it’s easy to clean. I thought all hair dryers were pretty much the same, except for the power, but I was very wrong.

Easily 10 out of 10 thumbs up!

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