SunGrow Pretty Purple Pet Water Dispenser Bottle

I have a little dog that’a about 5 pounds. During the day the poor little guy has to be in a kennel when I’m at work. He does get a bit worked up at first, doing a lot of jumping around and crying. I found that it did no good to put a bowl of water in there, but he has to have fluid. So, I came across this, and it has worked wonderfully! It gives him plenty of water during the day, it doesn’t drip, he can’t spill it. It’s so easy to attach to the side and it holds securely. It also has a clip on the side, and you can attach it to either side, if necessary, although I don’t think it’s meant to be used that way because it doesn’t fit perfect that way. But if for some reason, you need the water bottle inside of a cage, it will work this way also. The post you screw the disk on to does not come loose, which is an issue I found with a previous one. I’d be trying to release it, and before I knew it, all of the pieces, including the small screw, were falling off, rolling away, and ending up under the kennel. Very frustrating. This also has a large disk and post, so it’s easy for my old grandma hands to manipulate it. All parts of it are very strong, durable plastic, and the bottle is BPA free, the nozzle is stainless steel. Very very happy!

10 out of 10 thumbs up

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