Ry-king LED PIR Sensor Flameless Candles Night Light

This is pretty, but somehow I misunderstood and thought part of it actually did run on electricity, and not solely on batteries. It’s not large, about 5 inches from top to bottom. There is a small light at the bottom that will illuminate the floor, the motion sensor is on the front, and then the candle flame illuminates a broader area. It’s a subtle light, it’s not meant to me much more than a nightlight, it’s not going to fully light a hallway. When you’re walking past it, and it’s a few feet from you, the flame does look very pretty as it flickers back and forth. The entire unit is kind of a lower grade plastic, not really durable or strong, but if it’s mounted somewhere away from traffic, it should be fine. You can mount it permanently with the included screws, or the back also has some double edged sticky tape. I wasn’t completely impressed with the hardware, the screws are fine but the inserts aren’t usable. No big deal, I have dozens of those laying around. It is a pretty take on the night light.

6 out of 10 thumbs up

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