OLADY Vintage Halter Cocktail Dress

So feminine, sweet, flirty, flattering, and a dozen other positive adjectives. This is just gorgeous. It is made exceptionally well, high quality fabric, beautiful layering, unique details that make it all come together. What I didn’t notice when I purchased it is that it does not tie behind your neck, but actually comes up to a full collar. The cut really gives you an hourglass figure, focusing on a tiny waist and full bustline. It’s so sweet how it drapes in contrasting fabric at the skirt. I purchased this in large, just being cautious, and I could have actually gone with a large, the sizes and measurements listed are accurate. My measurements are 36D, 29, 36. It has a lot of stretch to it and a full length zipper in the back. I stand just under 5′, so this is a bit longer on me, also. It has such a beautiful selection of colors, I for sure have to go back and get another one.. or two. There is the pink I ordered, then there is also a light blue, a beige, and if you want to be bold, a siren red and black.

10 out of 10 thumbs up

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