Mrtech Fitness Tracker

I started off with a few issues. I was able to somewhat resolve them, but I wonder if I have a faulty device. When I was first using it, I could not get it to monitor my heartbeat or oxygen levels. It had a low charge then. So I charged it fully and it was still a little spotty. I had to make sure it was on snug and it was on my inside wrist. I gave it to my brother, and it worked fine for him. So, I’m not sure.
What I do like about it is all of the options, this has a ton of them. All are accessible via the app you install. The program was quick to sync and I was able to quickly get it set up. My other problem was, I could not get the screen very bright, as you can see in my video.
The app is amazing in the options. You can choose among every app on your phone and decide which ones you want an alert for, then the watch will vibrate. It also has the typical fitness tracking, sleep monitoring. If I can get the screen to brighten up, I would move this up to 10 stars.

8 out of 10 thumbs up

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