DeKaSi Wireless Bluetooth Camera Shutter Remote Control for Smartphones

I really needed this, I do not have a steady hand and when I try to do video, it tends to shake a bit. Plus, I’ve always wanted the bluetooth remote for my phone.
So first the tri-pod – it’s a small one, which you can see in comparison to the phone, and they give the measurements. The overall device is not heavy duty, it’s about mid quality. Sometimes the legs didn’t stay exactly where I put them. Most of the time they did. I love the ball on the top of the tripod, because I can do a 360 degree placement of my camera. The ball connector stayed in place pretty well, but you really have to tighten it down. On top is a screw, and there are two attachments. One is for a phone or larger device, and one is for a sports camera. Both are really nice, the phone one held my phone very securely, it just sometimes was almost too heavy for the legs, depending on the position I put it in. The attachment for the phone allows you to put it on horizontally or vertically, very handy.
The shutter control is amazing. It connected to my phone via bluetooth immediately. I only tested it on an android, I don’t have an iOS phone. If you don’t have it in the camera mode, it controls your volume. Once in my camera, click it once to get the camera to acknowledge it, then the next clicks take the picture, and it’s very responsive. A couple times I got it in to video, but I’m not sure how. I tried to recreate it with double clicks or long clicks, but I couldn’t.
The instructions were vague. If there were better instructions and the legs were a bit stronger, I would give this 10 thumbs up.

8 out of 10 thumbs up.

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