Camyse Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Case

This is a decent quality case. It’s a heavier plastic, with a rubber type finish to it. It comes completely up the side of the phone and has just the smallest lip that snaps over the screen. Not enough to cause issues, just enough to hold it securely. My main purpose behind purchasing it was so I could put money and credit cards in the back slot and not have to carry a phone. The bonus is the mirror in the case. It’s a thin mirror, I twisted and bent the case to see if the mirror would hold up, and it twisted with it. But as thin as it is, it does have a clear, good reflection. The hinges on the case have a bit of a snap, so you have to give it a little pressure to close it, which is nice because it won’t close while you’re trying to use the mirror or access the card slots. The lining where the cards set is a faux leather, but it’s pretty thin. There are 3 slots for cards. Everything lined up fine, not a bad case.

7 out of 10 thumbs up

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