AUTOZIV Car and Home Duster

This is a 2 piece duster set, and the quality is awesome.

1 of the dusters is for the vehicle, which is excellent. I currently keep a pink duster in my car, and at stop signs I always dust areas of my car. Any passenger always gives me a hard time. Whether it’s due to my pink duster, or just the fact that I dust, I’m not sure 🙂 But, this takes the ‘pink’ out of the equation. This is a good surface duster. It’s a bit difficult to get into the vents with this one, due to the thickness, but it traps the dust it does access a lot better.  The pad that the duster is on is removable, so I can take it out and wash it, AWESOME!

The second duster is huge, it’s very long and very full. It’s one of the thickest I’ve ever used,  it’s twisted rolls that are each about 4 inches long. I have used it on my ceiling fans, which I always dread doing, because I have to feather dust them to get the standing dust off and then use a wet cloth to finish the job. And I do this once a month, so it’s not because it’s out of control. When I used this one, I did not have to do the second step. I verified it wasn’t just a really light dusting month, but it was about the same amount as always, so this literally cut my time in half, if not more.  I can’t find a way to remove the duster on this one, so it’s not machine washable, but I think I could probably put it in a bucket and then hang it up to dry.

I do wish the handle was extendable, or a bit longer, that’s my only complaint.

8 out of 10 thumbs up

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