9Oine +1 Best Selling FIDGET Hand Spinner Toy

Wow, this is definitely not like the other ones I’ve tried. This has some serious weight to it, and it’s so well balanced that when I spin it on my finger, it balances itself and I don’t have to adjust my finger to steady it. In fact, when I move my finger around, as seen in the video, it adjusts itself, and never wobbles. It claims ceramic bearings, but I’m not able to get either side off to verify. I would put a little more effort into it, but I got this for my grandson and I don’t want to potentially damage it. They’re smooth and they’ve balanced it well, plus it’s whisper quiet, so whatever they have in there for bearings, they’re awesome. It has the longest spin I’ve seen, easily 4 minutes, and if I had talent at starting the spin, I think it could go 6 minutes. It reacted well horizontally, vertically, and even laying on a surface. It’s raised a bit so that really intensifies a surface spin. It comes in a nice tin case with a foam cutout for protection.

10 out of 10 thumbs up

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