Yofit Meat Grinder

Very impressive set! I have a large electric grinder, but it is really something to set up and tear down, especially when I have a small amount I want to grind up. This comes nearly set up. You have to snap the handle on, that’s it. It’s very heavy duty, everything is strong and durable. The handle doesn’t so much snap on, as push in, but it takes some good force. It turns freely, but you need to have it suctioned onto a flat surface. Th. ere are two grind choices, fine or thick. Very easy to change out by screwing the front panel off. It comes with a nice sized bin and a pusher, and it also has a really nice attachment for meat sticks. That part is actually nicer than my commercial grade one. I have a feeling I’m actually going to be using this one a lot more than the larger one.

10 out of 10 thumbs up

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