Yofit Mandoline Slicer

This is a very basic set, that cut out all the frills and gave me only what I would use and what I needed. What I love is that the slicing board folds flat, so it takes up very little storage room, and that isn’t typical. The set of inserts and the handle fit perfectly on top of it. That’s how it all slides back into the box, but if the box wears out, it will be compact in your cupboard.

The various inserts give you an option on how thick you want to slice an item, along with 2 different blades you can add to the main slicer to cut in strips instead of slices. There is a push button to remove one insert, and then slide the other right in. The food holder has dozens of little spikes in it, and you press down on the top to extend them. So, the smaller the food gets, the more the handle presses down, and the further the spikes go down into the food to hold it well. It worked great, the blades were sharp, it cleaned up easily and stored away the easiest.

10 out of 10 thumbs up!

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