Tenquest Fruits & Veggies Life Extender Liner for Refrigerator Shelves (Set of 4)

I’ve not used these before, but I do notice that my fresh produce seems to spoil quickly, so it was worth a shot. I’ve only been using them a short time, I cannot unequivocally state that they extend the life, but what I have noticed is that my drawers look a lot nicer, and stay a lot cleaner. I hate cleaning out the fruit and veggie drawers. They’re difficult to get out, time consuming to clean. These absorb everything and keep the drawer clean, and what I tried with them is putting them in a laundry bag and washing them in the machine and it worked great! They came out odd shaped, but clean and smelling fresh. I laid them flat to dry, which they did quickly, and the when I put them back in the drawers, they went back into shape.

When I first got them, I thought wow, these are nothing but cheap foam, but that is not the case. As you examine them, you can see that they are of a different quality and material completely. They almost feel like they are organic. They’re quite thick also, but the food flattens them down, so you don’t actually lose any space in your drawer. So, at this point I’m impressed with them, just on these facts alone, and I’m excited to see how well my food reacts to them.

10 out of 10 thumbs up

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