Pkman™ Magnetic Bluetooth Headset

Overall, a decent, lightweight, quality construction and great sound set of bluetooth headphones. Great points –

  • Include a small, lightweight, zippered carrying case that includes a caribiner to attach to purse/backpack/gym bag
  • Fit is excellent, especially with the stabilizer. Fit securely in my ear and do not move around, so no loss of sound quality even with a lot of movement
  • So lightweight, can’t even feel I’m wearing them.
  • Magnetic, holds the ear pieces together, no tangle cable
  • Easy to reach controls near my right ear, controls are basic and simple to use
  • Includes selection of ear bud and stabilizer sizes, easy to change
  • Really great sound! Excellent balance and completely noise cancelling

The only thing I noticed was the controls are backwards to what I’m used to. The + button does increase the sound, but it moves you back through your playlist. The – button moves you forward through it. Not a big deal, just odd.  I don’t really look at the buttons when I use them, just get used to pushing whichever one for whatever control.

8 out of 10 thumbs up.

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