Ladylala Full Face Snorkeling Mask

As far as quality goes, this is really awesome.  It completely covers the face and the seals surrounding the perimeter are thick and wide and very flexible and comfortable. When I first put it on I had to slow my breathing down, because I felt like it was sucking the air out of me.  Of course I didn’t have the snorkel on, so I didn’t have a full amount of air coming in.  I purchased the size small, it does fit me, but just barely. It’s really more for a child, so the mask also sets pretty close to my face.  It’s amazing to have the full face view, it’s like not having a mask on.  It also did not fog up, even though I did not pre-treat it, like you typically do before snorkeling.

The only item on this that I am not completely thrilled with is the snorkel itself. It’s advertised as extra long, but it’s barely a foot long, if you add on the length from the forehead to the mouth, the length of a typical snorkel, I feel it’s about the same length. It does come out of the top at an angle, so it looks like you could have your head in the water about 6 inches before it would be submerged.  I also love that I can connect my sports camera right to the top. This is a quality mask with innovative features!

10 out of 10 thumbs up.

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