Pro Detector TX-1001C Super Portable Metal Detector

As I’ve gotten older, I drop everything. And my vacuum finds it. Backs to earrings, rings, screws and nails. I needed this so badly, and it does exactly what I needed. If anything, it’s overly sensitive, but I’d rather that. It’s small, very easy to hold and control. You wave it over anything and you can easily tell when you hit something metal, it immediately goes up into the red zone. You can set it on vibrate or on alarm, that’s the hardest part to this, deciding which to use. Very lightweight, the heaviest thing is the 9V battery you install in the handle. I remember being in Fiji years ago and lost a ring in the sand, it sunk immediately. Crazy enough, I found it, but this would have really been nice to have!

8 out of 10 thumbs up.

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