OUGES Women’s Long Sleeve Lace Stitching Trim Casual Dress

This is one of the most comfortable ‘dresses’ I’ve ever worn. I say dresses, because this can also be used as a tunic, it seriously looks adorable with bare legs, tights, leggings or jeans. I wore the white one to work with a pair of black leggings that had words written all over them, with white high tops. It was such a contrast, casual + lace, and I got so many compliments! This runs a bit long on me, since I stand just under 5′, so it will run shorter, but still a great length, on someone taller. It fits loose, I have both the red and the white color in a size large. I probably could do a medium, but I still love the look. The white is a pure snowwhite, the red is a rose red color. They are so well made, the lace is not a delicate lace, but more of a crochet look, and it is attached seamlessly, not stitches are visible. It is very very stretchy. In a smaller size it might be a little clingy around the bustline, but hangs loose from the bust down.

Over the last month I’ve been using a loaner phone, and it did not do the quality pictures I typically use, so I apologize for that.

These are a 10 out of 10 thumbs up, I love them!

To purchase either color (and more options) click here

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