Targher Solar Outdoor Light

This price is amazing, time for me to stock up. I already have 3 of these at my house, and now I’m working on outfitting my parent’s house. These are awesome and I would never be without them. I live on a street where the street lights are quite a distance from me, and there are times I forget to turn on my outside lights. With these I have no worries, they charge all day, activate at dusk, and only come on when they sense motion. And they sense it a good distance away and the light is very bright. I have one on my garage, one on my walkway, and one right by my door. My parents live in the country and are elderly, they need items they can install and then not worry about them. Even on cloudy days, these seem to pick up enough sun to work, because they use so little energy since their use is limited to only when you need them.

10 out of 10 thumbs up

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