EiffleT Fitness Tracker

I’ve been using this for 5 days now, only taking it off when it might get wet. It 100% does what I wanted it to, and from what I can tell it’s completely accurate, it doesn’t give a crazy readout for steps taken, it’s consistent from day to day when I do the same amount of activity. It’s accurate with my heart rate, I compared it with a BP cuff I have. A feature that it has that I like is switching between normal mode and sports mode. But, in the instructions it states to double tap the side button to get into sports mode, and you actually have to long press it. The wrist band is comfortable, but it’s silicone and I do sweat just a little bit under it. It’s also a little difficult to get it closed the first few times until the punch holes loosen up a little. Getting the app installed on my phone was seamless, but I had to try several times to get it to connect to the watch, even though it was setting right beside it. It also vibrates whenever I get more than about 15 feet from it, so I had to shut that option off. I turned the option on to notify me whenever my phone was ringing. But, I believe it’s notifying me whenever anything happens on my phone, since I have my phone set up for alerts for email, twitter, etc. So, that got shut off also. There’s an option I turned on that’s ‘find my phone’, but for the life of me, I cannot figure out how to make that work. The instructions are very clear and walk you through almost everything, but not that. 🙂 I also cannot find a setting to adjust how soon the screen times out, and so it clears in about 5 seconds, much quicker than my brain registers what I was trying to see.

For the most part it works great. There is a little room for improvement in the things I mentioned. I purchased a second one for my brother, because this works independently of a phone, and he does not have a smartphone. He’s a powerlifter and the sports mode was a great option for him. He can set up targets and this can be customized quite a bit, as in removing the defaults for your gender, weight and height, and create your own goals.

8 out of 10 thumbs up

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