Simptech Sports Headphones

I got these for my son, he needed a set of wired headphones to go with an MP3 player that doesn’t have bluetooth. He works in maintenance and wanted something lightweight, but he needed them to fit over his ears for stability. I tried them out first, and my ears are smaller than his. They fit so comfortable, after a couple of minutes I couldn’t even feel them. The piece that goes over your ear completely adjusts to any size and then holds them in place without pinching. I also have very small ear canals, and have always had an issue with earbuds staying in, had no issues with these. I have a daith and a forward helix piercing and these don’t bother those at all. The cable is like a braided line, and doesn’t tangle easily. It has a splitter that works well to keep the cables managed, and it comes with a clip so you can attach them to your shirt. A control on the cable so if you’re using these on your phone you can answer phone calls. Decent set, great price.

8 out of 10 thumbs up.

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