PZZ BEACH Vintage Floral Lace Cocktail Pleated Dress

First thing to note – ignore that it says XL, L, etc, and go by the measurements listed with each, they are accurate. I went with a 2XL. My measurements are 36D, 29, 36. It is just a bit big on me, but I was nervous about the waist measurement. On this dress, the waist size is really redundant because it is a high waist and actually hangs loose at your waist. So, the bustline size is the most important, and that is where it is a bit large on me. I could have gone with the actual 36″ size.

Otherwise, wow this is beautiful. Every bit of it is top notch quality. The overlay is gorgeous, the colors pair so well. The blue is really the predominant color. I purchased this to wear to a funeral tomorrow. It’s really demure enough for that, although I will wear it without the bow. The lining is lightweight and a deep blue color. I stand barely 5′, so it’s long on me. I don’t think the belt is quite as wide or as long as it looks in the pic, I personally could not make a bow quite as full as that one. I just prefer it without the belt, and there are no belt loops, so it doesn’t look like it’s missing something.

10 out of 10 thumbs up

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