Lkous Women’s Spaghetti Strap Backless Beach Dress

This is the first dress of this style that I have liked how it fits. It’s not quite as low cut as some, and the way it wraps still provides a conservative amount of coverage at the legs. I would feel ok wearing this at a bbq with a few friends, with a little something underneath. I got this in the orange, which is so gorgeous with a great tan and I love the color. Very bright and vibrant, exactly like in the pictures.

It is waaayyy too long on me, but I stand 4’11”, most everything runs long on me. I’ve become handy with the needle and thread. This is a very simple piece. It is a long rectangle of fabric, with two shoulder straps sewn on, basically. But the fabric is stretchy, it’s finished very well with tiny little hems, it’s great quality, although lightweight, it’s a middleweight weave, and provides some modesty. The lighter colors are going to be more sheer, obviously, but this is so perfect for a lazy beach day, hot summer days at home. I have to go back and get more colors now, there are a ton of options.

10 out of 10 thumbs up.

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