Listenman In Ear Noise Isolating Sweatproof Sport Headphones

I needed a set of wired headphones for an MP4 player I have that is not bluetooth capable. For the price, these are excellent. Very comfortable, the cable is long enough that I can put the player in my pocket without any issues. These fit great without sticking out too far and the stabilizer fits perfect. There are several sizes of stabilizers and ear buds, also, but the default ones were great for me. What I *love* about these is the added snap on piece that goes over your ear. It shows them being worn one way or the other, but I wore them with the stabilizer and the over ear piece on and it worked fine, plus provided a much more secure fit. Any wired set is going to have a better consistency in sound, and I was very impressed with the quality of this sound. You’re not going to get concert sound, but these also don’t run $50+. I feel they do stand their own against a more expensive pair, though, so I’m very happy.

10 out of 10, especially for the price

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