Fineed Solar Lights USB Rechargeable 48 Led Portable Camping Lantern with Compass

This is simply amazing. It does so much!
Charging – this will charge with the included USB cable, you can charge it in your vehicle with the included car charger, or you can set it in the sun and charge it via the solar panels.
Charger – it has a USB port on it, so you can connect anything to it and charge it via this.
Lighting – the bright light on this is *very* bright. You can light up a large tent completely with this. The dim light is more than enough to read by. It also has a blinking red light so it can be used as an emergency beacon.

It’s on a frame like stand, so you can adjust it to many angles. It includes a compass. It’s so simple to use, it folds flat and stores taking up hardly any space. This is excellent to have if you go hiking, camping, to store in a vehicle for emergencies, just to have on hand during bad weather if you lose electricity. Very durable and sturdy.

10 out of 10 thumbs up!

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