Cofunia Portable Light Box

I’m impressed with the quality of this. The unit itself is a heavy plastic, very sturdy and durable. It sets up quickly. It comes with a black backdrop and a white one. These are a thicker rubber type fabric. They easily slip over two notches in the back top of the unit. They’re lightweight, so the plastic notches hold them well. So easy to use. After using the white one for many pictures I saw some dark debris from some of the items, and I took a wet cloth and wiped it right off. The lights attach via a micro USB, and they stretch completely across the top, so they provide good light. I did have to battle with shadow on a few pictures, but there’s no way around that, and for the most part, the lighting was excellent. I included a couple of pictures of earrings I took, I used no flash with these, which really helps to give a more natural look. I included a pic of scissors I took on the black backdrop. This is a small unit, but it’s exactly what I wanted for my small items. When I leave it set up, it takes up little room, but it’s about 2 minutes to tear the entire unit down and store it away, and it takes up less room than a small sheaf of construction paper. Very happy with this.

10 out of 10 thumbs up

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