Auto Parts Club 4pcs Interior Atmosphere Neon Lights Strip

Very cool set of lights, and I got mine in pink, so they super rock 🙂

The really great part:

  • The light is obvious. It provides excellent light and the color is amazing. It’s not bright, it will not effect your night vision. I first attached just one under the dash and it was plenty of light for the driver’s side. S
  • Because one provides a lot of coverage, the cables are long enough that you actually could string the longest one into your back seat. Lots of options, two short ones in the front, two long ones in the back, or you can put all 4 up in front. Plenty of cabling for many options
  • They set flat and they are only about 6 inches long, they do not get in the way
  • Extremely strong and high quality cabling. Well shielded, well reinforced
  • A simple button on the lighter switch turns the lights on or off
  • There is a fuse in the lighter switch for protection from an overload. Very simple to get to.

But, as great as these are, I found a couple of items the caused me to me a bit disappointed

  • NO instructions. They are pretty intuitive, but still.  I did not know there was a fuse in the lighter switch until I came out to the website to leave a review.
  • The big negative in my book – I could not get them to stick to the vinyl of my dash. I do not know why, I’ve not had that problem before, and I have multiple devices with cable management attached with the same type of sticky tape. I cleaned the vinyl with alcohol and dried it with a lint free cloth. I held the light strip there for quite awhile. I made sure the surface was flat and smooth. They would not stick. I had to get extra double-sided tape to get them to stick. It’s only been about 3 days since I installed them, so at this point I cannot state that they will stay attached, but so far so good.

My summary is that I love how they look, I love the particular shade of pink, I love how it is subtle and demure and not distracting. The cabling, the light strip, everything is excellent quality. I appreciate the ease of use. I am disappointed in the fact that I had to get an alternate solution to get them to stay in place, but I do not know if it is a defective part, or something to do with my dash.  If they stay up well over the next few weeks, I’m going to reach the conclusion that the factory adhesive is faulty. If they come loose over the next few weeks, then it’s obviously something on my end. But right now, I really love them.

8 out of 10 thumbs up.

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