Goodsail Samsung S7 Edge Tempered Glass Screen Protector

My last phone I had less than 24 hours when I dropped it face down and cracked the screen. So, when I finally got a new phone, I wanted a screen protector in my hands ready to install when it showed up. I wanted a strong one, and I needed one that was easy to apply, I do not have good luck getting bubbles out of the typical thin ones. What attracted me to this one was the black trim around the edges, I think it looks pretty cool.  This is *excellent* quality, It comes with the tabs that you attach to the side to help you line it up, but it pretty much positions itself perfectly as soon as you line the holes up. There are no bubbles, I started in the center, pushed outward and paid special attention the edges and it settled in like it was a second screen. Clean the fingerprints off, use the little finger tab to remove the dust, and you cannot even tell it’s there. There is a difference in the touch screen. Not enough that I want to remove the protection, but if I’m sending a text and typing quickly, sometimes I have to hit a letter twice. It’s worth it to me. Very happy.

8 out of 10 thumbs up

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