CaRany Galaxy S7 Edge Screen Protector

Definitely the happy medium. This is the perfect screen cover if you don’t want the ultimate protection with touch screen issues vs the minimal protection but touch screen works great. It’s still quite sturdy enough that it applies easily with no, or very few bubbles and is easy to smooth on. It sticks very well. It’s a lot more flexible and doesn’t cause as many issues installing certain cases, also. However, you are giving up some of the protection. For me, it’s what I was looking for. I think it’s going to provide great protection from scratching the screen. I think it will provide adequate protection against drops, but the trade off is that my screen is still very responsive. Fits perfect, the edges are finished perfect, everything lines up perfect.
HOWEVER – when I attempted to peel off the little arrow guides, one left residue behind, I’ve included a picture. This did not just easily wipe off, I had to carefully use my fingernail to scrape it off, then clean it several times with a microfiber cloth and water so as not to scratch or damage it. I was able to get it clean and there is no visible signs left behind. This was not worth giving them a major negative impact off because it did not cause lasting issues, only a minor annoyance, but if many buyers end up reporting this, it should probably be taken into consideration by the seller.

9 out of 10 thumbs up

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