Wyne Technology 16GB MP3 MP4 Player

Yes, this can be confusing to use, but it’s the third one I’ve purchased. Once you have the controls down, it becomes second nature like everything different. This one comes with a separate set of instructions that have been written out, detailed, in English, explaining all of the controls and how to access everything, so that helps.

The main things on this are the music and the video. It has other options,  but I don’t use them, and they aren’t that great. So if you want something inexpensive that is mainly for music, maybe watching videos every now and then, this will work for you. It’s not bluetooth, your headphones or speakers have to physically connect. It does come with headphones, but I prefer my own set I’ve always used. You transfer the music via a USB cable to the embedded memory.

I, personally, am happy with this. It does what I need. I purchased this one for my son, who just wants to listen to music while he works, and does not like anything too technically advanced.

7 out of 10 thumbs up

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