Bamos Jewelry 925 Silver White Lab Diamond

I’m not sure what a lab diamond is, but it’s beautiful. They’ve done an amazing job making this look like a true diamond. The cut shows off so many facets, it allows fire to spark from every angle. It looks deep. My pictures do not do this justice. I’m testing out a new phone right now, and I just couldn’t get the impressive pictures this deserves. I purchased the smaller 6mm ones, and I tried to get some pictures of me wearing them. Use these as a guide for size, not for how beautiful they look. For $5.99 you aren’t going to find a better, more beautiful set.  The setting is strong, the gems are in securely, the prongs are smooth and durable. The post is solid and does not bend with normal pressure, such as applying the back. Lovely set.

10 out of 10 thumbs up

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