Toogou 12″Rainfall Shower Head

I have no water pressure in my shower. I’ve removed the water saver, I removed the filter. Not much luck, so I’m always looking for the most wonderful shower experience I can find, and I love the ‘rain shower’ type heads. I experienced one the first time I was on a Carnival Cruise, fell in *LOVE*. (both with cruising and with their showers). Came across this one and had to try it. Very impressed. For as wide as it is, I wasn’t sure if there would be much pressure, since there were so many holes. It does a really decent job, giving me a wide area to stand under, and there was no difference in a lower pressure amount over smaller heads I’ve tried. This is very flat, so it fits in smaller areas. It does not come with an extender, so unless you want it pointing at an angle, you want to add one. I will probably purchase another, as I only have one installed, as you can see in my video.  It is heavy, it is very very solid. It comes with a filter and the white tape you will need. Plenty of it. I wrapped the tape around 3 times before I screwed it on, and had no problems with leaking. The piece you screw on is solid and had no issues with stripping or issues installing it. I was careful, using pliers to tighten it on, and it didn’t scar it, attesting to the quality.

10 out of 10 thumbs up!

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