Seekland Art Modern Handmade Buddha Abstract Oil Painting on Canvas

Note ahead of time that this is not stretched, nor framed. But, it is very easy to make a cheap frame and find on youtube how to stretch canvas. This has enough extra around the edges that it won’t effect the picture.  This is the second picture I’ve purchased from this company, exactly like this, and it is the same excellent quality. The canvas is very thick and well made. The paint is heavy, it is not a thin layer, and there are many areas it is raised and gives a 3D effect.  The detail in this can’t be seen except in person,  but even the smallest details you see in the pictures, they are accurate and 1000 times better in real life. It definitely is a hand made work of art, and I love the style, it’s just beautiful. I collect art and cannot wait to hang this. I do not have it stretched and hung yet, my son is making the frames for me, but I *will* add pics once I have it hanging.

10 out of 10 thumbs up

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