Kamisafe KINGJOY KT-600S Octopus Style Mini Adjustable Tripod

This isn’t the typical, small, cheap tripod that you see available for most cameras, phones or sports cameras. This has very strong, flexible legs, a ball swivel for adjustment, and a screw top that can hold a camera or you can install the included attachment to hold your phone or your sports camera. I needed this for my phone. I’ve been looking for a decent one, that I could easily adjust and would not do the splits while I was trying to position a good shot. It’s got a strong grip holding my phone, and the two adjustment screws allow you complete control over how you want to position it.

The legs are taller, this has an overall height of 18″, but the tripod spreads out as low as you want it to go, or you can position the legs close together and have no fears of it tipping over, very sturdy. They have a strong flex to them that holds. I love the ball swivel on it, makes it so much easier for me to get awkward shots. This is exactly what I’ve been looking for.

10 out of 10 thumbs up.

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