Toprime 3D VR Glass Headset Upgraded

What a blast! These are as fun to use as they are to watch someone else use them. Everything is so realistic, try doing a roller coaster VR. You feel your stomach clench as you top the first hill. My favorites are the scary ones. You sit or stand, and can literally look around you in a 360-degree format. You want to reach out and touch things.
This set is an update/upgraded version. It comes with a controller, so you can access VR games and have a controller in your hand. This is a controller that has a better user interface, more similar to typical game controllers. Not so small it’s hard to access different buttons when your eyes are covered. Very intuitive.
The goggles themselves have awesome padding around the eyes and on the head-strap for comfort. Highly adjustable. The phone slips easily into the snap open front and is held securely with 2 movable clasps and one stationary. So it’s adjustable for many phone sizes. The controls on the top are independent to each eye, plus the center adjustment for distance. The eye pieces themselves provide better viewing than ones I’ve used in the past, clear and concise. This is one that means it when they say it’s an updated set.

10 out of 10 thumbs up

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