MarlJohns Giant Rideable Swan Inflatable Float Toy 76″

While this is awesome, sturdy, durable and my grandkids had a blast with it, inflating it and deflating it were a bit of a chore.

It has a valve on the inside of each port to keep the air from coming back out. This didn’t work completely, so some air did escape when trying to close it. But, when filling it, the valve itself is in pretty deep and I had to use my longest attachment on the pump and still put a lot of pressure on it to get it to fill efficiently and push the valve out of the way. The same when deflating. You couldn’t just open it and remove something to deflate quickly. I again had to push pretty hard with the attachment and I’m thankful my pump inflates and deflates, it would have been a long process otherwise.

Now, putting aside the lengthy set up and take down process, my grandkids had an amazing time bouncing on this. And it’s built tough and sturdy, so it can take a lot of abuse. It’s definitely not going to puncture easily and the seams are all pretty tough. On most of the seams, there is another protective layer over them. However, it wasn’t cut very straight. That doesn’t take away from the durability, just the workmanship. I included a couple of close ups of that.

Overall, a decent floatie and may be even large enough to hold two people.

8 out of 10 thumbs up

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