MarlJohns Giant Inflatable Pegasus Pool Float

The pictures don’t lie, this is HUGE. I don’t know that it would fit two people, but it would be close. The fabric is thick and strong, it’s going to take a lot to puncture this. Most of the pieces are separate and need blown up individually. The attachments are nearly seamless, they’re quite sturdy. Excellent detail for a blow up floatie – back in my day it was a flat mattress, or plain ring. The gold on it is not an overlay color, the fabric is that actual color, so it’s not going to peel off. Maybe fade over time if in the sun constantly. My mom has a huge backyard pool, but I blew these up at my son’s to test them out, and the grandkids loved them. They were bouncing on them, and it barely phased them. Strong sturdy units. On this particular one, I’m really impressed with the valves to blow them up. There are two attachments. The inside one keeps the air from coming back out when you go to plug it. But when releasing the air, open that inner valve and the air comes out easily. These are a blast.

10 out of 10 thumbs up.

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