Betitay Electric Meat Grinder

Impressed with how sturdy and durable this is. It’s so lightweight, but so much nicer than the one my son has. He processes a deer every year, but was complaining that it’s hard to make sausage and jerky because his doesn’t have the attachments. So when I started looking, wanted to make sure mine came with that. The blades seem to be top notch, and they are powerful. I haven’t had one clog. Has a reverse mechanism built in that runs in pulse mode in case of issues like that.
Setup took me less than 5 minutes, and that included giving a cursory glance to the instructions to make sure I was doing it right. It’s pretty much push a piece in, turn to lock, and you are ready. Since set up is so simple, clean up is a breeze, also. It has an attachment and recipe for kibbe, which I have never heard of. But, if my research shows me I can’t live without trying it, I guess I’m all set.
My son is going to be quite jealous. This has about half the footprint of his, but it’s more powerful and has more options. Excellent, sturdy machine.

10 out of 10 thumbs up!

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