OUOUVALLEY Men’s Lace-Up Genuine Leather Waterproof Combat Boots

My son needed a set of work books, size 10. The price on these was very attractive. I remember back when he was in high school, Docs were all the rage, and I remember what we paid for them. One great factor on them was the lifetime warranty on the sole. These do not have quite the same sole, but it is pretty close. It starts out nearly as stiff, you have to really break them in before the sole loosens up, and you still have that unmistakable feel of walking on the thicker, denser pad.
The leather appears to be excellent quality also. It gives when you bend your foot, it doesn’t have that stiff, plastic look that you know the boot is going to split over time. The lacing appears solid, durable and secure. He said they fit perfect. He’s been wearing them for a week now and loves the comfort, he’s on his feet all day.
I’m including pics new out of the box. In a couple of weeks I’ll see him again and I’ll take pics of how they look with normal wear after a month of use. Right now, I feel they are great quality for the price, and he feels they are comfortable and sturdy. We’ll see how everything holds up.

8 out of 10 thumbs up

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