Ustellar LED Rechargeable Motion Sensor Under Cabinet Lighting

I guarantee if you purchase this, you will never want to be without one again.
They way I have used these –
I have one in my living room, nearly invisible laying along the base of my tv stand. I have one in my kitchen, along the floor board under my counter. Two in my hallway, at the base of my two bookcases. One in my bathroom, at the base of the linen closet. Two in my bedroom, barely visible at the hem of my dust ruffle.
The way they work –
As it gets dark in the evening, they come to life. Only once it’s dark. As I walk through each room, they come on, lighting my path. I don’t have to turn on lights as I go from room to room. When I get up in the middle of the night, I don’t have to fumble around for a light switch, and I don’t have to startle myself awake with a bright overhead light. They are the most dependable thing in my house ๐Ÿ™‚
The maintenance behind them –
Every Sunday I gather them up and charge them. Takes at the most 2 hours. But, I’ve never fully run them down. Over a solid week of consistent use, they are still bright on Sunday, it’s just my routine so I never have to worry that they’ll run down when I need them most. I gather them up, plug them into the included USB cable, they charge, I put them back. Simple as that.
Some excellent features also available –
These are exceptionally long, they broadcast a great amount of light over a broad range. They sense motion when I’m still quite a distance away, and they don’t have to be pointed directly at where the motion is coming from. The one in my bathroom is at a right angle to the hall, and it still comes on as I pass by the door. They have a magnetic strip on the back of them, dual in the case of these long ones. You peel off the sticky backing, attach the magnetic strip to any location, and then the lamp sticks to the magnet. Take it down when you need to charge it. So, while I don’t use the magnetic strip in the locations I’ve listed, I also have two of these in every one of my closets. One in the top, and one on the door frame. As soon as I open the closet door, light. Close the door, in 30 seconds they automatically shut off. I also put one in each cupboard, under the sink in my kitchen and bathroom. For those, I use the strips. The light stays on securely, not a single one has ever fallen. I’ve moved a few of them and the magnetic strip, while securely held, comes loose taking no paint or wood with it, and sticks somewhere else.
I believe in these so strongly that I’ve started outfitting my elderly parents house with them.
So, I apologize for the lengthy review, but this is my favorite purchase ever and I would spend any amount of money to continue using these, it just so happens that these also have a great price ๐Ÿ™‚

1 million out of 10 stars ๐Ÿ™‚

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