Sweetnight 2 Piece Multiple Colored Stripe Tankini with High-Waist Boxers

Oh for the days I could wear a 2 piece without being self conscious. 🙂 So this is my compromise. The top on this is longer, so it stays down better and I’m not always tugging to keep it in place. I need more coverage on my thighs and don’t yet want to go to a full skirt swimsuit. Typically boy short styles ride up on my thighs, but these are also longer and stay in place better. They’re also higher in the waist and have a wider band. While it doesn’t actually provide tummy control, it fits snug enough it helps that way. The top has removable pad inserts and the size large fits my 36D comfortably, both with and without the pads. The top also has a snug fit to it to help with some control. Excellent quality fabric and all stitching is perfect. Very comfortable wearing this out in public.

10 out of 10 thumbs up.

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