GTidea Fake Potted Plants Artificial Bonsai

From a distance this has a nice look to it. Up close, the plastic is very obvious. I have a specific place for this, and short of getting a real one, this was my best option. The leaves are varying shades so that lends to a more authentic look. They’re different sizes and the tree is very full. There are no bare areas that you have to try to manipulate or hide. Enough berries. and variegated colors on the berries, also. The bark does look plastic, but it is not very visible. The grass looks like indoor outdoor carpet. The base/vase I do like. It has a real Asian style to it and it’s made well. The plant is not heavy, but it’s well balanced and feels sturdy and it is all well put together. The leaves are on well as are the berries. They didn’t fall off when I was washing it. Overall, I’m happy with it, especially for the price.

I give this 7 out of 10 thumbs up.

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