ULAKY Foot Care Egg Pedicure Foot File

I’ve tried a lot of things, since I’m blessed with the absolute worst heels in history. Seriously, if I don’t work on them every day, they get out of hand. In the winter, it’s due to the cold weather, in the summer, it’s due to them being exposed. I can’t win. Nothing, for me, has worked on its own. But, when I pair this with the special socks (insert link), I can get by with wearing sandals and not having cracked and bleeding heels. I use this at least before bed every night and then put on the socks. Sometimes, I also do them in the morning if I have a particularly long day on my feet.

Now, this is not the original pedi-egg, no matter how it is labeled. And while the blades do seem to work as well, you can definitely tell the difference in the plastic of the main container. It feels cheaper, it isn’t as sturdy, and it’s harder to separate. But, i’ts working well enough for now. I probably won’t purchase again, though.

Since this isn’t quite as sturdy as the original, I’m giving it 6 out of 10 thumbs up. It will work, but for a few dollars more, I recommend you purchase the real one.

If you choose to purchase this one, click here

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