Sinvitron Peg Board Set -A Montessori Fine Motor Toy

My step grandson has autism and he’s 6. I’ve only had him in my life for a couple of years, so I’m learning more about him every day. I’ve learned what can over stimulate him, and what fascinates him. I thought this set would, and I brought it with me on my visit this week. He loves sorting the pegs by color. He likes putting them in the holes. He likes holding them and running his fingers along the smooth rounded tops. He is great with his colors, but he’s pretty stimulated with just the change me being here brought on, so we haven’t spent time working on matching the colors with the chart. He’s good with his colors, so I think he’ll do fine with it. But anything that isn’t too busy, and is consistent, he gravitates towards.
I took a start away because the peg board is a thin foam… I’m not sure how well it’s going to hold up. The pegs, while they seem well made and sturdy, are somewhat lightweight. So I feel it’s a good learning tool, but I feel the foam board could be have some added strength considering this is meant for children.

8 out of 10 thumbs up

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