Seekland Art Hand Painted Yellow Canvas Wall Art

I love artwork – the more unique the better. And I absolutely love the colors in this! Perfect in my living room. It does come just as a rolled up canvas. But, Youtube was an excellent resource showing me how to stretch and install this. My son is building me the frame for this. It seems like it’s not going to be that difficult to do. You can see the brush strokes, you can feel the paint. The canvas itself it an excellent quality. When I received it I unrolled it and rolled it the other way. After leaving it that way for a few hours, I was able to lay it out flat and let it relax until it was flat. The edges are even great quality, minimal raveling. I’m impressed with this, and cannot wait to hang it. I *will* be adding pics once it’s hung.

It’s 40 inches by 20 inches, but there are many different sizes, the one I purchased was only $19.99, excellent price.

10 out of 10 thumbs up. The only thing that would make it better was if it was stretched and installed already, but I’d pay a pretty penny if it was.

To purchase this, click here

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