Reliatronic All-in-One Electric Eraser

You might raise your eyebrows first when you see this, why do we need a battery powered eraser? But I was so impressed with this that I added it to my little catch all dish where I can get to it easily. Fact of life, pencils outlive their erasers. I have tons of pencils that are 6+ inches long, with no eraser. I’ve never cared for the slip on erasers, they move around when erasing and just don’t do a good job.  The eraser on this is a clone to the real pencil eraser. The small holder it slips into holds it secure, it does not move around and wiggle when using it. To lengthen it (which you don’t have to do often, it does last well), you pull out the metal clip, extend the eraser, slip the clip back in. How long you want it, is up to your comfort. Each eraser is about 2 inches long, and it comes with a lot of refills. The pulse motion you control is efficient and even when you have used a lot of pressure to write, it quickly, cleanly and consistently does its job. Easy to hold, and I have small hands. It comes with a brush to get rid of the leftover eraser shavings, so you don’t have to run your hand over lead. Works great on colored or regular pencils, and it even worked well on specialty art pencils, most of which do not come with an eraser. For the price, this is really worth checking out.

I definitely give this 10 out of 10 thumbs up

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