PetsGarden Collapsible Silicone Travel Pet Bowl

Came in the nick of time! I have a wonderful new companion, a puppy. Goes with me everywhere and it is a pain to have to carry everything he requires right now, so anything I can do to lighten the load and make things more convenient, I’m all over. I stopped at a pet store to purchase one of these, and the prices were crazy, the quality less than impressive. Very happy with this choice. It’s a strong silicone, feels thicker and sturdier than others I looked at. The rim is solid and helps keep the shape. Stays open very well, folds up flat and it stays that way, it doesn’t flip flop around. I can attach the caribener to the side of his little bag (yes yes, we have to pack toys and food and chewies, and on and on). Plus – when I remove that latch, he loves playing catch like it’s a frisbee.

10 out of 10 thumbs up

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