OUOUVALLEY Height Increasing Fashion Platform Shoes

I’m not sure why there are some low reviews on these, I am pretty happy with them. The only thing I found was they run maybe just under 1/2 size small. I typically wear a 5 1/2 to a 6. I ordered these in a 6. They aren’t loose like a typical US 6 would be, but they’re definitely not tight. When I first got them, the zippers were stiff. I took some household oil and put it on a Qtip, then I just ran it up and down the zipper teeth and the zipper works fine now. My favorite part is how well they fit even if I don’t have them zipped up. I have a new pup, and sometimes have to make a quick trip outside. No time to tie shoes, zip shoes, barely time to just slip my feet into these. But, even without them zipped, my feet don’t slip out while I’m walking.

I also feel the sole is comfortable. I decided to use them to walk the pup. Even new, they didn’t bother my feet. There isn’t a lot of spring to the sole, but I feel the give, and the inside cushion is satisfactory. They have a high rise, so they look good even with skinny jeans. I like the style, there are 3 different materials on the top of the shoe, see my close up, provides an unique look. The tongue is pretty thick, which made me have to give a little extra pull to the zipper, but that’s because they’re new, and I believe that will go down over time. The heels don’t feel stiff and plastic-y to me, they have a rubber feel.

Overall, I’m not unhappy with these at all and the only recommendation I have is to order up if you waffle between sizes.

7 out of 10 thumbs up

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